The coloured vision of Adalbert Gans

The coloured vision of Adalbert Gans

"All invisible things adhere to the visible, the audible to the inaudible, the tactile to the nonactile. And perhaps the thinkable to the unthinkable"

If you want to position him in a certain art movement than it would be abstract art.

He’s a cosmopolitan. His frivolous restlessness makes him belong neither here or there and at the same time everywhere.  He ripped himself away from any geography or conformism and wanders the globe as a charming, posh, bum, drinking life lusciously. The spirit within his art is sought and recognized in the grotesque human behaviour.

Constantly searching for… life, experiences, people, love, stimuli, miracles even…

The game between dimensions, sharp outlines, shapes and abstract organic colour-use create a sense freedom and space, which leads the spectator into Adalberts’ no-mans-land giving him a sense of Adalbert Gans’ restless but intense mind and soul.